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Here we come up with a very professional all the information about school education in china, And There is a need to come to China the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. Of course, you are required to bring the necessary documentation. On top of the list is filled visa application, which can be downloaded online or obtained from the embassy or consulate. You also need to achieve JW101 or JW202 form, issued by no less than China’s Ministry of Education. And there is the whole process of selection into the program through a visa agency reliable and trustworthy China. You may not need to come to the agent personally, but you can call the office to make arrangements about how the necessary documents must be sent or delivered to the right, and students assigned to study in the country for six months or less qualify for the visa F, while those who have to stay longer than 6 months are required to obtain a visa and X, which is often described as a Chinese student visa the truth. The latter is also equipped with a requirement to follow the required physical exam.

Hopefully you are satisfied with all the information here is very professional and good work, It would also help if you can present a letter of invitation or registration of Chinese educational institutions. This may be considered necessary in the application for Chinese students, Chinese students who applied for the visa and granted, depending on which program you follow and study duration. State must provide the right type of visa depends on the length you should be.

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