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Teacher of information traditionally has the highest authority and ask questions or comment on the content of courses in the classroom is considered an insult to teachers and thus prohibited. Teacher aides, tutors, or help the parents in the class who ever heard. Rote memorization remains the dominant methodology and students learn early on that silence and excessive note taking is the only key to success. The students themselves spend much of their day in class, usually from eight to ten hours and the rest of their time devoted to homework and extra tutoring or any other additional courses that parents can afford. At all school levels, the test results to determine the caliber and quality of students will be able to attend school, so that continuous learning for the inspection of existing aspects of the capstone, and more complicated problems of the people is the distribution of the people. China has about the same land mass as the United States. However, a good portion of the inhabited areas or sparsely populated: Gobi Desert is a non-arable plateau and the Himalayas and the Himalayan region has proven to be very useful; the eastern part of the nation is where most of the people gathered, with many of the population concentrated in and around major cities are located on the mainland of the country. In addition, 75-80 percent of people are still agrarian. Different distribution and population density.

We fully explain on this information here, which provides more information than volume book ever could. The first of enlightening moments of my education came when we visited the classrooms in some schools. After the last class day of school, I saw many students are busy cleaning the windows in classrooms, board washing, mopping floors, and even cleaning the bathroom. I asked the teacher gave us a tour of the school about this and the answer was, “This activity is part of the education of students.” Schools do not have the power clean; all cleanup work is delegated to the students. “If the student is responsible for the condition of the best classrooms and schools.

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